Urban Bergsten, abstract

From tree assortments to an engineering biomaterial in industry

Urban Bergsten
SLU, Dept. of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Umeå, Sweden

Large-scale commercial production of new biorefinery products could be possible in the near future thanks to the wide range of biomaterials that can be produced from tree biomass. It may though be necessary to better define tree assortments from their properties as an engineering material in industry. The chemical properties (e.g. content of extractives) might for an example obtain increased attention soon. Therefore, guidelines for silviculture should not only include estimates of biomass development but also quantify the amount of extractives per hectare that could be obtained over time in different tree parts. The silvicultural regime affects yield of extractives, depending on, e.g., the actual composition of species, site fertility, tree age, tree partitioning and tree size. Improved estimation of assortments' material properties might facilitate a cost-effective transition to a bio-economy.