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In-conference excursion

Destinations: Rovaniemi and Levi (Kittilä)
Departure: 8.30 am, two buses straight to Levi and two buses first in Rovaniemi

Multiple forest land-use in Finnish Lapland

The excursion will give an overview of various kinds of forest uses in Finnish Lapland. In Rovaniemi, we visit Lappset Group Oy which is one of the leading manufacturers of playground, sports equipment and themed attractions worldwide. The company is an example of a highly developed and processed use of northern wood as Lappset products are principally made from Finnish wood. Another stopover in is at the Rovaniemi wood terminal where we get an overview wood transport from forests to forest industry companies.

Drive from Rovaniemi to Levi takes about two hours. On the way we will stop at the logging area where experts from Metsähallitus, a state enterprise that administers state-owned land and water areas, will tell about cuttings and forestry in Lapland in general.

In Levi we will use a cabin lift to ascend to the Levi fell where we can see also the Kittilä gold mine and hear about mining as an increasing land-use mode in Lapland. After that we go to the Levi center and hear how Levi has become one of the biggest ski and tourist resorts in northern Europe and what kind of issues in combining tourism to other nature-based livelihoods such as reindeer herding and forestry must be taken into account.