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Urban Bergsten

Prof. Urban Bergsten has wide expertise in silviculture and silvicultural technology including the effects of management on the forest biomaterial properties. He has published about 70 papers in peer reviewed journals and currently he acts as a professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, SLU. Sweden. In the IBFRA2015 Conference prof. Bergsten will have a keynote presentation that is focused on “From tree assortments to an engineering biomaterial in industry”. A wide range of materials and specialty chemicals can be produced from tree biomass. Large-scale commercial biorefinery production seems to be viable in the near future, but it may be necessary to define tree assortments from their properties as an engineering material in industry. The chemical properties (e.g. content of extractives) might obtain increased attention soon. Therefore, guidelines for silviculture should not only include estimates of biomass development but also the amount of extractives per hectare that could be obtained over time in different tree parts. The precise yield of extractives depends on, e.g., the species, site fertility, tree age, tree partitioning and tree size.