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Leena Paavilainen

D.Sc. (Tech.) Leena Paavilainen has in her professional life, both in industry and in the public sector, concentrated on development of sustainable utilization of wood and non-wood raw materials for optimal and innovative end-uses in order to improve the competitiveness of the forest cluster and promote its transformation to bio-based industry. 

Leena Paavilainen is now acting as Director of Bio-based Business and Industry of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). Last year as Director General of Metla she was heavily involved in the Luke merger. Earlier as Director of Research she was responsible for the RTD focused on forest-based industry and business activities as well as forests and society. In addition to research administration and management her expertise covers: programme and project design and management; organization and management of knowledge technology transfer; building cooperation networks between industry, research community and funding agencies. The experience has been gained when working for 25 years in a leading consulting and engineering company Pöyry Ltd. and equipment supplier to forest-based industry Valmet Ltd., and when leading two cluster RDT programmes with volume over 20 million Euros. In addition in the Finnish Centre of Expertise Programme she concentrated on technology transfer and in WoodWisdom-ERA Net on designing and implementing transnational RTD programme. Photo: Erkki Oksanen/Luke.

Contact Information:
Director Leena Paavilainen
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Bio-based Business and Industry
tel. +358 29 532 2020
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