Guidelines for Presentations

Instructions for oral presentations

Each speaker is given 20 minutes: 15 min for talk, 5 min for questions. The technical assistant will notify speakers when they have three minutes left, then one minute left.

Please, hand in your presentation at the Speaker service at least 2 hours before the start of the session (for the first morning session on Monday as soon as you arrive to the conference venue). Presentations will be moved to session rooms via network and they will be ready for you in the session room computer. You are not recommended to use your own computer or memory stick during the presentation. If you have special requests, demos etc., please contact the Speaker service immediately when you arrive at the conference venue.  

Please arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the published start time of the first talk in the session. Before the start of your session make yourself known to your session Chair and indicate how you would like to be introduced. 

There is an assistant in the session rooms to help you find your presentation and use the microphone. Using the collar microphone is recommended. The portable microphone is reserved for the questions and comments of audience.

Info and Speaker service 

Speaker service and Registration and Info Desk will be situated in the lobby of Arktikum. They will be open on Monday at 8:00–17:00, on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00–15:30 and Friday at 8:00– 14:00. On Sunday the Speaker service will be available at registration at Science Centre Pilke at 19:00–21:00.

Instructions for poster presentations

The posters will be mounted and removed by the presenters. Your poster should be mounted as soon as you arrive at the conference venue on Monday. Posters will be arranged by themes. Poster codes will be signed on the boards to help you find the right board. Pushpins for mounting will be available in the poster area. 

The poster session will be on Tuesday at 13:30–15:00. During the poster session, please stay at your poster for questions and discussions. On Monday there is also a possibility to peek at the posters after the conference sessions.  On Thursday the organizers will award the best posters and the selected ones will be presented once again. 

Please remove your poster on Friday by lunch time. The organizers will dispose of all posters left in the poster area after the conference. 

Technical advice for poster production

Maximum and recommended poster size is vertical A0 (841×1189) and minimum is A1 (594×841). Posters will be mounted by pushpins. Do not mount abstracts on heavy boards, thus avoiding hanging problems. Do not write or paint on the poster board (someone will be using the poster board after you). Provide hand-outs, if useful to attendees.

Posters may be prepared on one sheet (preferred method) or alternatively on several smaller sheets.

At the top of your poster please indicate title of the presentation and its authors and institutions. 

Avoid travelling with a big poster tube? 

The organizers offer you the possibility to get a poster printing by a local print house. If you use this option, your poster will be waiting for you at the conference venue.

Please send your poster as a pdf-file to KL-Kopio:

In the same mail you are also supposed to tell your name, e-mail address and organization to ensure the delivery and the payment of the poster. 

Posters sent to KL-Kopio latest Wednesday 20th May will be delivered to the conference venue before the start of IUFRO2016. You can ask for your poster at Aktikum service desk (note, not the conference info) and simultaneously pay the printing service with your credit card or cash.

Prices: A0: 70 euros and A1: 40 euros

We regret that the web pages of KL-Kopio are only Finnish ( However they do serve in English by mail or telephone (+358 207 809 500). The office is situated in the center of Rovaniemi (Kansankatu 8, 96100 Rovaniemi). Thus all kind of printing services are easily available during the conference week, too.