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Hannu Hökkä

Dr. Hannu Hökkä is a special researcher at the Natural Resources Institute Finland. He has a PhD in peatland forest science (1998) at the University of Helsinki. Hannu’s expertise is in peatland forest management: growth and yield, thinning and fertilization, hydrology and water protection, and forest regeneration. He has published 47 peer reviewed scientific papers and supervised three doctoral theses. He is a docent of peatland forestry in University of Helsinki, and has been acting as an affiliate professor of Laval university, Quebec, Canada in 2002-2006. He was a member of SAB of International Peat Society in 2004–2012. His current projects focus is on water protection in peatland forest management, peatland trees’ growth models, methods of natural regeneration on drained peatlands, and forest management on acidic sulfate soils.