CANCELLED Post-Excursion

Post-Excursion is cancelled

The theme for the Post-Excursion: 

Forestry and forest use in Finnish and Swedish Lapland

Practical information

– May 30th–2nd June, 2015 
– Travel route: Rovaniemi–Tervola–Kukkola–Tärendö–Inari–Sodankylä–Rovaniemi
– Departure: Saturday 30 May, 9 am, a bus leaves from Rovaniemi. 
– Finish: Tuesday 2nd June, latest 5 p.m., Rovaniemi. Before arriving Rovaniemi center there will be a stop at the airport to catch the flight to Helsinki at 18:10.
– Organizers: Mikko HyppönenMirja Vuopio and Hans Winsa (Sveaskog)

The points of interest

The tour will give an overview of forestry and silviculture in Finnish and Swedish Lapland. We are also touched with local culture and way of living as well as nature protection and reindeer husbandry in Lapland. We use a lot of time outdoors at the research points and enjoy coffee by the campfires or river banks.

Tentative programme:

Saturday May 30 
In Tervola we make acquaintance with peatland forestry and especially forest regeneration in peatlands. We cross the “most peaceful border in the world” in Tornio where we drive from Finland to Sweden. We also learn a lot about the river Tornio which has an interesting history and belong to the most important salmon rivers in Europe. Nowadays the river belongs to Natura 2000 network. 

The northernmost part of Sweden is called Norrbotten where we become acquainted with the topics of Swedish forestry and forest policy. Scots pine and Lodgepole pine plantations will be seen as well as damage caused by moose and pine blister rust. 

The first night will be spent in Forest Hotel in Tärendö Sweden. The hotel is located in a special place by the River Tornio. There, you see, we meet a river bifurcation phenomenon. It occurs when a river, Tornio river in this case, flowing in a single stream separates into two (or more) separate streams (called distributaries) which continue downstream. 

Forestry in Swedish Lapland (photos Risto Jalkanen):

More information about culture and nature:

Sunday May 31 
In Sunday morning, we head back to Finland. The silvicultural attraction of Sunday is a site preparation experiment in Muonio. It is close to Ylläs tourist resort and the visitor center Kellokas, where we get an introduction of Pallas-Ylläs National Park and nature conservation in Finland, especially in the northern part of the country. 

Thereafter we will have quite a drive (over 200 km) to Inari via Levi resort. 

A site preparation in Muonio (photos Risto Jalkanen and Mirja Vuopio):

More information about culture and nature:

Monday June 1
Monday begins when we visit Sámi Museum and Visitor Center Siida. It is a window into Sámi culture and arctic nature.

From Inari it is time to turn back southwards and reach another big tourist resort of Lapland, Saariselkä. There we hear about forest ownership in Finland in general. Thereafter, we get to know a special form of ownership in Finland: jointly owned forests. In Saariselkä we can also see timber-line forests and the changes of timber line in 1983–2009. 

In Saariselkä tourist resort there is a possibility for a short hiking (Kiilopää). 

Timber-line forests and fells (photos Mirja Vuopio):

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Tuesday June 2
On Tuesday we head to Ruonivaara where we have a look at a large experiment dealing with the date of direct seeding of Scots pine and Lodgepole pine. We will also visit the Sodankylä Station of the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory of University of Oulu. 

Ruonivaara experiment (photos Mirja Vuopio):

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